10 Goof-ups People Do on Facebook

Facebook provides a good forum to get connected with peers, share photographs, and to de-stress. However often people turn-off their common sense while on social media and do not care letting the whole world know about their goof-ups. It is advisable to think twice before you hit the ‘Like’ button when your friends picture with fractured limbs. It would be better saying ‘I like it, when Rome is burning’. Read through some common blunders that people do on Facebook as compiled by truTV.

#10 Posting your petitions on others wall

‘Save tigers!’ Though it is always welcome to stand for a good cause, too much of petitions posted on your friends wall will certainly be irritating. Your kind heartedness can never become a cause of irritation for others.

Save your friend’s Facebook wall from getting littered before you go out to save tigers!

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