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Need for Speed Rivals

Rivals features a rapturous gameplay bearing some resemblance to the earlier Hot Pursuit, with exotic cars and high-speed police chases. Players take on the role of a Racer or a Cop, with each side of the law offering its own

3D printers stoke fears of backyard technology explosion

Revolutionary 3D-printing technology has sparked a gun scare in America – after a workable firearm was successfully created. Philadelphia has become the first U.S. city to ban the unlicensed printing of guns. Marina Portnaya looks at how anyone could soon

Will these be the top 10 Gadgets of 2014?

A great video featuring potential top gadgets for 2014, what will they be? There are some amazing gadgets being released next year that will be revolutionary.

Ford helps you bring your apps to its cars. Here’s how

Scott Burnell, who is the global lead for business development and partner management with the Ford Developer Program, discusses the advantages of Ford’s Developer Program. “We’ve opened up to pretty much anybody that wants to come in. There’s no fee.

Three productivity-boosting tablets to ask for as holiday gifts

Are you hoping to get a tablet for a gift this season? If so, here’s what to tell someone shopping for you if you want a tablet that’s not just for entertainment but getting work done. Any one of the

Are hydrogen cars the wave of the future? Toyota thinks so.

The current conventional wisdom is that plug-in electric vehicles will be the clean, sleek cars of tomorrow. Think of Tesla’s Model S or Chevrolet’s Volt. These cars get most of the media attention, and policymakers tend to toss tax breaks their

Which mobile has the best camera?

While it is true that the market supply of mobile devices is becoming ever wider, it is an analysis of what model you have the best camera, because as seen in studies done recently, this functionality is one of the

Nano-camera with 3D translucent objects

The three-dimensional camera, which was presented last week at Siggraph Asia in Hong Kong, could be used in medical imaging and collision-avoidance detectors for cars, and to improve the accuracy of motion tracking and gesture-recognition devices used in interactive gaming. The

10 Goof-ups People Do on Facebook

Facebook provides a good forum to get connected with peers, share photographs, and to de-stress. However often people turn-off their common sense while on social media and do not care letting the whole world know about their goof-ups. It is

Google’s New Features To Make Search More Personalized

  Internet major Google is adding new features to its popular services like search page, maps and YouTube to provide more personalized information especially related to day to day lives of its users. Weather updates at the start of the