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Lenovo IdeaPad Flex review

Over the past month or so, I have tried out two devices from Lenovo that suggest the small laptop, or the netbook, which we all thought was dead after the launch of the tablet, is all set for a comeback.

Oppo N1 Mini

Oppo Mobile is primed to present the Oppo N1’s marginally stripped down forms as Oppo N1 smaller than usual. Elected Communications Commission recording pointed at the new Oppo handset – Oppo N5116. Its pictures additionally uncover its nearby similarity with

Apple iPhone 5c 8GB to sell at Rs 33,500

Apple is all situated to launch the 8gb variant of the iphone 5c for Rs 37,500. There is Rs 4,000 money markdown which cuts down the cost to Rs 33,500. Likewise, Apple is doling out a case worth Rs 2,000

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Sony Xperia Z2 vs HTC One M8

We’re just a couple of days far from LG’s huge G3 report, which will finish the set of high-end lead droids. At the same time for the anxious, which leader Android do you toss your cash at? We’ve surveyed all

Twitterati pans new McDonald’s mascot

McDonald’s restaurant chain says its new mascot, named ‘Happy’, will bring “fun and excitement” to its children’s meals, but social media contend the toothy, red box-shaped character will have the opposite effect. Twitter responses to McDonald’s mascot announcement on Monday

Virtual pets can help fight obesity in kids

Placing children into a mixed reality — part virtual environment and part real world — has great potential for increasing their physical activity and decreasing obesity risk, according to a new study. Sixty-one kids, 9-12 years old, set goals for

Poem that cleanses air of pollution created by UK researcher

The written work is on the divider for contamination! UK specialists have created the world’s first air-purging lyric printed on a material that can annihilate the air contamination brought about by 20 autos, consistently. The extraordinarily treated material, contrived by

Just ‘nod’ to pay with Google Glass

A new application for Google Glass guarantees to further upgrade your versatile installment experience. Called Eaze, it uses voice and picture distinguishment to initiate the administration and nodding head motions to affirm and complete installments. As indicated by Techcrunch, clients

Lenovo brings Android KitKat update for Vibe X, Vibe Z

Lenovo has begun taking off Android 4.4 Kitkat upgrade for its Vibe X and Vibe Z cell phones. The redesigns will be made accessible in a staged way beginning from the most recent week of May. While trying to lieu

Facebook adds ‘ask’ button to nag friends

Facebook is letting companions pry. New “require” secure popping in profiles from companions at the heading informal organization let individuals ask about overlooked data, for example, whether they are in sentimental connections or where they live. Individuals can likewise instant