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“Gameover Malware is Back” Said by Researchers


A month ago, DOJ proclaimed that International law authorization orgs disturbed the Game Over Botnet. Notwithstanding, Researchers at Sophos say the Gameover malware is back. Specialists recognized a few spam crusade and examined a couple of specimens of the new

‘IPhone App a danger to China’s Security Risk’


New York: US innovation goliath Apple is battling Chinese asserts that the iphone debilitates national security through its capability to track and time-stamp a client’s area. The continuous areas capacity, which could be exchanged on or off by clients, is

IPhone Battery Tips

IPhone Battery

IPhone Battery Tips : 1. Dim the Screen brightness – Below halfway saves a significant amount of battery. Change this by going to Settings > Brightness. 2. WiFi OFF, Scanning OFF – If you are not using WiFi turn it off. Also turn WiFi

IPhone Tips and Ticks


IPhone Tips and Ticks : 1. Activating Caps Lock & Turning Keyboard Auto Correction OFF: To activate Caps Lock tap Settings > General > Keyboard & Slide “Enable Caps Lock” to “ON”. To turn of Keyboard Auto Correction tap Settings

Did You Know Hidden Features In IPhone ??


There are many settings and shortcuts built in to the iPhone that people rarely use or even know about. The following are 15 tricks you probably did not know your iPhone could do. 1. Airplane mode gives a faster recharge

Now Nokia lumina with Android

    Microsoft may be masterminding a stun for its fans by making an Android-controlled Lumia cell showing the “Nokia by Microsoft” checking. A report similarly show the starting late talked-about Lumia 830 to join a ‘Nokia by Microsoft’ brandname.

Nasa Planing use Google’s Project

Google cell phones with cutting edge 3d sensing engineering are going to impact into space, where they will turn into the brains and eyes of ball-formed floating robots on the International Space Station. Nasa arrangements to utilize the handsets to