Monthly Archives: November 2015

WhatsApp for iPhone Update Adds Quick Reply Feature for iOS 9.1 Users


The Quick Reply feature is available for users since iOS 8. However, only with iOS 9 did Apple enable third-party app developers to use this feature. WhatsApp for iPhone is now receiving an update that adds the feature to the

Keep stock-market apps off your phone


IS YOUR smartphone making you a not-so-smart investor? For many people, the answer is yes, for a simple reason: they tend to make investment decisions based on short-term losses in their portfolio, ignoring their long-term investment plan. Behavioural economists call

OnePlus ‘Reflexion’ Photography App Launched for Android and iOS


OnePlus, soon after launching its third smartphone last week, launched a new app for Android and iOS users dubbed Reflexion. The photography app lets users capture images, make creative compositions, and share them on social platforms. The Reflexion app weighs

Hackers Can Track Your Location On WhatsApp and Facebook

There’s a big problem with the 4G mobile networks and the hackers are taking advantage of it. It seems that they can track someone’s location on Facebook and WhatsApp, by using anonymised identifiers with which the user is connecting to