6 things to love – and hate – about the iPhone 6

1) The rounded edges. The iPhone half dozen feels very, dedicated in your hand.
It’s insanely skinny and lightweight, and there ar hardly any sq. or jagged edges on the device. The vibrate on/off switch is that the massive exception — it nicked Pine Tree State some of times once I was propulsion the iPhone out of my pocket.
The curves offer the iPhone half dozen a less distinctive look than a number of its predecessors and alternative smartphones on the market. however what the iPhone half dozen sacrifices in look it makes up in usability. i do not need to place the iPhone half dozen down once i am holding it.

iphone 6

2) The camera. Ironically, the ugliest a part of the iPhone half dozen helps deliver its most lovely options.

The iPhone 6’s camera juts out of the phone’s back by a couple of metric linear unit, and also the psychoneurotic a part of Pine Tree State unbroken desirous to pop it back in. however no matter Apple got out of that metric linear unit was worthwhile.
How much will your iPhone very cost?
How much will your iPhone very cost?
Photos ar clear near to on every occasion. It performs masterfully in weird lighting things, like once the topic is in an exceedingly shadow however the sun is shining brilliantly. It takes photos remarkably quickly and — most significantly for photo-taking dullards like Pine Tree State — with none fuss. conjointly the} front-facing camera also takes amazingly sensible photos for the selfie-taking varieties.
The time-lapse and slo-mo video functions appeared a lot of gimmicky than sensible to Pine Tree State, however some individuals may realize them helpful — or a minimum of fun.
3) The screen. The iPhone 6’s show is beautiful. It’s perceptibly sharp, and also the iPhone 6’s show even appearance nice once you are not viewing the screen straight on.

That’s useful, say, once you are observance a video with friends or showing photos to your family.

iphone 6

4) TouchID. there’s no shortage of complaints concerning the iPhone’s fingerprint detector bad, however I found it to be splendidly convenient and correct. It makes sign language into your phone, downloading apps and shopping for music a breeze.

So if it works for the straightforward stuff, Apple Pay goes to be a cinch. Paying for stuff together with your iPhone half dozen purportedly are as simple as holding your phone up to a payment terminal whereas touching the TouchID detector. We’ll see next month once Apple Pay launches — however it sounds promising.
Apple Pay turns iPhone into mastercard
Apple Pay turns iPhone into mastercard
And here’s what you may hate concerning the iPhone half dozen.

iphone 6
5) iCloud. What Associate in Nursing absolute mess.

When fitting my iPhone half dozen, one in every of the many prompts asked Pine Tree State if I wished to “upgrade to iCloud Drive.” For concerning twelve hours, once I visited my iCloud settings, iCloud Drive indicated that it had been “upgrading” with a pinwheel of death next to that. And once it finally set to end upgrading, it did not impress Pine Tree State. I uploaded a photograph and a document via iCloud.com, and that i have fully no plan a way to read those on my iPhone. there’s not even Associate in Nursing iCloud Drive app.
Meanwhile, iCloud says it’ll copy my photos via icon Stream, however there is no obvious thanks to manage that — it does not even exist on iCloud.com. What if i need to store photos on iCloud however not on my phone to avoid wasting precious storage?


6) iOS 8. There ar some very nice new options in iOS eight, as well as the superb Spotlight universal search feature, text notifications that permit you respond while not gap iMessage, and every one the good camera software system. that is on prime of wonderful existing iOS options, like the good center fast tasks launcher, Facebook integration and in fact FaceTime.

But there’s plenty to hate about iOS 8, too. fitting Associate in Nursing iPhone is Associate in Nursing intolerably prolonged expertise with approach too several queries, choices and notifications. Siri still does not do something notably worthy. Apple annoyingly more unnecessary steps for accessing and clearing notifications. And none of the “widgets” within the notification screen that I tested were notably helpful.

There’s additionally plenty of Apple bloatware, as well as compass (really, Apple?), “tips,” maps and record. Others ar redundant, as well as the contacts, FaceTime and camera apps that you simply will access in alternative places. however you cannot delete or hide those apps — the sole thanks to clear them off your screen is to place them in an exceedingly folder labeled “crap.”
So here’s the lowest line: The iPhone half dozen may be a beautiful, improbably well-designed smartphone with a world-beating camera and a few neat tricks. however Apple’s software system gets within the approach of the iPhone half dozen being an ideal smartphone.

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