Acer Iconia W4 8-incher Android tablet

Dissimilar to most units, the Acer Iconia W4 puts the full-fledged Windows 8 working framework on a conveyable tablet with a 8-inch screen, much like an ipad Mini.


Quick Tech Specs:

8-inch IPS show (1280×800 pixels) | 1.8ghz quad-center Intel Atom Z3740 processor | 2gb RAM | 64gb space + microsd opening | 5mp back Polaroid, 2mp front Polaroid | Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n | 415gms | 4950mah electric storage device | Windows 8.1


The Iconia W4 has a plastic form made to appear as though metal, however its still robust and feels exceptional to hold. It’s much heavier than tablets of this size and it gets uncomfortable to hold the tablet up and read books for more than thirty minutes.


No protestations about the W4’s screen. It’s brilliant, the determination is nice and the review plots are exceptional. The main issue is that its not unmistakably noticeable in immediate daylight.


Most of the Modern UI applications run fine, however beware when you move toward running Firefox or Chrome. These web programs rapidly hoard the constrained assets and the Iconia W4 will begin slithering. It particularly battles when you join it to a vast screen by means of the HDMI link.



You get 51.9gb of accessible on the 64gb form that we tried. Introduce a couple of applications and let System Restore perform a couple of reinforcements and this rapidly drops to 43gb. So in the event that you were utilizing the 32gb form of the W4, that is just 11gb of space accessible to you. Gratefully, there’s a microsd opening so you can include additional memory if required.


We have a definite article about running Windows 8 on a 8-inch tablet. Here’s the short form: Despite the force of Windows and Microsoft Office, it doesn’t feel great and does not offer as advantageous an experience as Android or ios.


The back Polaroid on the W4 is for all intents and purpose futile. Certainly, you can click a couple of snaps when you’re out in common light, however that is about it. Photographs taken inside, around evening time, or in faint situations are uproarious and grainy. The front cam, nonetheless, does the employment for movie calling. Once more, simply determine you have something lighting your face.


The best some piece of the tablet, point of fact, is its electric cell. On nonstop film playback, it endured for 7 hours and 20 minutes. On a Wi-Fi program test where a non-Flash page was reloaded at regular intervals, the W4 kicked the bucket 4 hours later and 50 minutes. For the most part, these are obviously better numbers than we have seen for most 8-inch tablets.


At a cost of Rs. 26,999 for the 64gb variant, there is basically no way we can suggest the Acer Iconia W4. You can get the 16gb ipad Mini or the 32gb Nexus 7 2013 rendition with a SIM card opening for the same value, both of which are obviously better arrangements. You’d be squandering your cash on the Iconia W4.

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