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In a world of kitchen utensil rectangular smartphones, the BlackBerry Passport definitely stands out. With a sq. four.5″ screen and a three-row physical keyboard, you get mixed reactions initially look, with some thinking it’s a beauty et al sure that it’s an unpleasant beast. however whether or not individuals love its appearance or hate it, everybody offers the BlackBerry Passport a second look.

Form issue and form area unit positively out of the normal, however even the target market for the BlackBerry Passport is something however normal. It’s a purpose-made smartphone, not aimed toward the typical Joe, however at professionals World Health Organization wish to be a lot of productive.

Although this can be a premium smartphone with a hefty tag, it’s not a smartphone you’ll realistically compare with the new Apple iPhone six family or high-end mechanical man warriors just like the HTC One M8, Galaxy S5 or the LG G3, and therefore the like. you’ll actually compare specs and options, however once the shape isn’t same rectangular, it’s not precisely knowing compare a kind issue designed for a selected purpose, along side a physical keyboard.

Form issue & Keyboard

First up, if you wish to understand however it seems like, take 2 Indian passports and hold them along. nearly a similar size specifications of associate Indian passport, however thicker and heavier.

BlackBerry is renowned for building robust smartphones which will take over a knock or 2 and therefore the BlackBerry Passport looks in-built a similar mould, however is maybe even more durable than its predecessors. the corporate claims that the Passport’s distinctive one-piece, joint-less steel frame (that conjointly extends within the phone to present it strength) is impressed by the building techniques employed in the provincial capital Dominion Centre designed by Mies van der Rohe. you’ll make sure that the Passport can face no #Bendgate.However, while it does seem super strong, the shape factor takes some getting wont to. At 196 gms, the Passport is something however lightweight and holding this oddly-shaped smartphone and writing takes some leveling follow and trials, especially because when you hold the phone by the bottom to type, it becomes unwieldy and prime serious. Once you work out your grip, you’ll begin obtaining comfy, although it’ll take you some days to induce wont to it.

The keyboard too takes some obtaining wont to before you’ll decision it an acquaintance, particularly if you’ve return from associate all-touch smartphone to the BlackBerry Passport. Once upon a time i used to be a typewriter keyboard soul, however the last QWERTY device I used as my primary smartphone was nearly twenty months agone. Initially, I didn’t just like the physical keyboard, however in a very few days I’ve return to yet again appreciate the accuracy of a physical keyboard, particularly once you’re writing and walking, as an example.

I don’t assume the BlackBerry Passport can facilitate Pine Tree State sort quicker than on a BlackBerry Z30, Z10, Z3 or the iPhone 5S, that conjointly features a excellent prophetical touchscreen keyboard, however the Passport’s innovative keyboard is certainly a lot of correct. Indeed, i believe it’s the most effective typewriter keyboard on the earth, and BlackBerry has really managed to enhance one thing wherever it absolutely was already the most effective. which user expertise defeats the speed think about the top, as I came to understand.

What conjointly makes the Passport’s keyboard totally different|completely different} is that the keys area unit as different as chalk and cheese from a physical typewriter keyboard you’ll have used on a smartphone earlier.

First up, there area unit solely letters, no numbers or special characters on the keyboard, which suggests everything else comes abreast of the screen. The proprietary, capacitive keyboard with an honest tactile feel, transforms a physical keyboard to a touchpad and makes for nearly a seamless extension of the screen and leaves the screen clear for show instead of input. will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} swipe up or down on the keyboard to travel to the highest or bottom of your mailbox or browse up or down a web site otherwise you can swipe left and right to outline text, move the indicator any method you wish, edit associated even delete in an e-mail, as an example.

Other old friends i used to be glad to envision were BlackBerry’s keyboard shortcuts. T visited the highest of the mailbox, B to rock bottom, R visited reply mode and F to forward then on. For serious users of e-mail and electronic communication, these area unit a boon, although if you’ve been exposed to them for the primary time they’re going to take some obtaining wont to. That so is the story with the BlackBerry Passport’s distinctive keyboard and input system. Sure, there’s nothing like it. But if you’re not the sort who wants to spend time in attending to know the Passport in order that it can cause you to more productive then you’ll only be left with an unique-looking smartphone that’s could seem sort of a pain to use. BlackBerry has done all it will here to smoothen the learning curve — as you begin to use the Passport, useful hints keep stoning up until you silence them.

Also, the Passport isn’t a smartphone designed for single-handed use, or a minimum of on behalf of me with my small hands. aside from basic career and browsing, any content input needed 2 hands. however on the flip aspect that’s equally true for any phablet and therefore the iPhone six and, with that I spent a while recently. that conjointly means victimization these larger smartphones in thronged transport needs you to be to a small degree of associate jock.

And whereas the Passport fits into pockets, there’s a noticable bulge. wherever it will work absolutely but, is within the inner pocket of a suit. that once more underscored the actual fact on behalf of me that this smartphone is supposed for those that wear suits, travel in chauffeur-driven cars and ergo, those that area unit triple-crown and maybe have already got alternative prime notch smartphones at their disposal however wish the BlackBerry Passport for its distinctive, purpose-made kind issue — whether or not it’s the massive, wide show for glancing through business spreadsheets or the keyboard for fast and correct writing.Display

The display is that the second thing unique about the BlackBerry. The sq. four.5″ show boasts a powerful 1440 x 1440 resolution at 453 PPI, however for certain that’s not the key USP. It’s the sq., wide show that is purpose designed for displaying a lot of data than commonly seen on a smartphone screen.

For instance, associate MS stand out computer program, (or for those like Pine Tree State World Health Organization don’t appreciate spreadsheets, the reading expertise of associate e-book or a desktop webpage instead of a stripped down mobile one). Some professionals like doctors would conjointly appreciate this distinctive screen as a result of medical pictures show much better on this size as critical rectangular screens. this suggests that doctors now not ought to carry a smartphone for calls and a pill for medical imaging. and since of its form, it displays 60 characters per line, that is pretty near the sixty six per line commonly seen on a written book. alternative smartphones commonly show solely around forty characters per line, which suggests you’re forced to scroll way more on them.

The show is additionally crisp and works well even below daylight and viewing angles area unit sensible.

The bummer although is once you replay videos. The sq. show isn’t suited to videos and you see ugly black bands (despite the dimension creating it near the dimensions of video playback in landscape mode on some smartphones). It’s not that it makes a large distinction in real world, however it will look dangerous and every time it reminds you that video playback is best on an oblong screen in landscape mode. The show quality of videos is nice although.


For once, BlackBerry has free a smartphone that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the mechanical man leaders on specs. And within the tightly integrated BlackBerry surroundings wherever hardware and computer code area unit created by a similar company (a la Apple and in contrast to Android), the results will build you terribly happy so.

Powered by a Qualcomm flower 801 processor with two.2 GHz Quad-Core CPUs and an Adreno 330, 450 Mc GPU, power-assisted by three GB of RAM, the Passport is snappy once it involves performance and blazes through most tasks. ten apps will be run at the same time at the same time and can show up as live tiles. It conjointly has thirty two GB of on-board memory which might be expanded by up to a different 128 GB through a microSD card.


Power is essential to productivity. If your smartphone isn’t powered , all it’s sensible for is as a weight. And whereas you’ll lug power packs, it’s higher if your smartphone itself will hold itself up. And with a huge 3450 mAH integrated non-removable battery, the BlackBerry Passport a lot of than holds itself up. whereas victimization the Passport i needed there was how I might transfer juice from it to my Google Nexus! This baby will simply last even power users on a daily basis. BlackBerry claims thirty hours of life with mixed use, except for the typical user it ought to last around one.5 days, and a few a lot of. If there’s a grouse, it’s that the battery is non-removable.


BlackBerry has historically ne’er been famed for its cameras. The BlackBerry Passport changes that with its thirteen megapixel camera with optical image stabilisation (OIS) and a 5-element f2.0 lens. BlackBerry has conjointly gone from just basic options to truly maintaining with the days by together with a panorama mode and timer that build smartphone photography a way superior expertise on the Passport as compared to earlier BlackBerry ten smartphones. And which is able to hold its own against photos clicked with leaders just like the Apple iPhone six or the HTC One M8. The automobile focus was to a small degree slow in my opinion, however as way as specs and pictures go, despite the softer tones, the Canadian company has finally got a smartphone camera right.
The camera app conjointly suggests modes mechanically (HDR in low lighting for instance) and it might be useful for users World Health Organization assume camera settings area unit too sophisticated and easily shoot on automobile mode. There’s conjointly a two megapixel camera on the front, however candidly it’s passable and obscurity near the selfie-specialist phones we’re seeing late from the mechanical man horde. recording at 1080p HD is feasible with the rear camera whereas the front one offers 720p recording with video stabilisation.


One of the highlights of the Passport is its phone, that BlackBerry touts because the loudest and clearest within the business together with as compared to the abundant acclaimed speakers on the HTC One M8. While we couldn’t compare the 2, it’s actually terribly loud and really clear. But interestingly, whereas this will mean that you will listen to music on the phone in the athletic facility, the actual purpose supposed is for business conferencing wherever clarity is crucial. BlackBerry conjointly claims its proprietary Natural Sound is that the best, however in real world we have a tendency to didn’t notice any noticable distinction, and maybe which will be as a result of we have a tendency to didn’t speak to others World Health Organization were conjointly employing a Passport. The Passport boasts of four microphones (one on prime, one at rock bottom and 2 on either aspect of the rear camera) and conjointly features a feature referred to as Active Leak Compensation that mechanically adjusts the decision volume supported however shut you hold the smartphone to your ear. Calls were actually clear although it isn’t the simplest of tasks to carry this wide beast and speak.


The Passport is that the initial BlackBerry to feature the new ten.3 unleash of BlackBerry ten. There area unit important enhancements within the Hub, the universal inbox, that is well my favorite feature in BlackBerry ten. There’s a replacement ‘Instant Action’ feature to assist users manage messages higher with one click. This helps build deletion quicker, mark as browse or uninformed abundant faster and you’ll even reply while not coming into a message. There’s conjointly ‘Advanced Interaction’ wherever your Passport’s sensors will be wont to switch to mute once placed face down and whereas conjointly going into power saving mood or wakening the smartphone once you decide it up from a flat surface.
Another new feature is that the Amazon Appstore is currently burnt into BlackBerry ten and offers over 200000 mechanical man client applications together with in style titles like Candy Crush heroic tale. The BlackBerry World app store can currently specialize in business applications. And whereas you’ll currently directly load mechanical man apps through apk files through the smartphone browser itself — a service referred to as BlackBerry Guardian checks file integrity — I really like the Snap app that has got to initial be sideloaded however offers Pine Tree State direct access to Google Play.

However, any app that desires Google Play Services won’t work. on behalf of me the most important challenge is that Uber doesn’t work. conjointly several mechanical man apps don’t show too well considering they’re designed for various kind factors. If you’re passionate concerning your application user expertise, you’ll be thwarted within the mechanical man app capabilities of BlackBerry ten.3. However, if you wish the most effective of productivity however don’t feel the globe has return to associate finish as a result of a particular app is missing on a platform, then you’ll not solely not mind, however maybe conjointly fancy the mechanical man app capabilities of BlackBerry ten.3

There’s conjointly the new BlackBerry Assistant, a la Apple’s Siri, Google currently or Microsoft’s Cortana. BlackBerry claims its giving is superior as a result of it will conjointly access your work e-mail and files, and is constructed around work, and as a result of it is discourse — not victimization the screen once you’re connected via Bluetooth as a result of it assumes you area unit driving, or solely giving onscreen replies once you sort (because you’ll be in a very meeting and so not victimization voice commands). What affected Pine Tree State most concerning the BlackBerry Assistant was its unflawed recognition of my voice commands from the word go, although i believe it’s a small indefinite quantity slower than Siri. Indian accents appear to be no drawback in the slightest degree for the new BlackBerry Assistant.

The highlight of the software experience on behalf of me was BlackBerry Blend, wherever you’ll absolutely access e-mails, BBM, text, files, etc, from your Passport on a Windows computer or macintosh additionally as on the iPad and mechanical man tablets. All you would like is that the BlackBerry mix platform for specific platform and where your Passport is, as long because it switched on and connected to a mobile network or Wi-Fi, you’ll access it. This is nice from a work security perspective as a result of the files/messages keep on the Passport however will be seen and used/edited from alternative devices, like my iPad. All you would like is Wi-Fi, or cellular knowledge or perhaps USB.

There area unit conjointly designed in apps like StoryMaker that combines photos and videos and adds a background score. While StoryMaker has been around for a short while, on the Passport it will its work mechanically, giving up a made story supported your visit to a looking location, for instance.

Frankly, there area unit therefore several options on ten.3 that it might take some pages to jot down down a correct OS review. however clearly, this iteration has been the foremost important one since BlackBerry ten was free in end-January 2013.

Our finding

One thing’s of course. you’ll hate or am passionate about it, however you have got to admit that the BlackBerry Passport is that the solely really innovative smartphone of 2014.

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