BlackBerry Z10

blackberry z10

The BlackBerry Z10 that was released in India last year with a lot of expectations and promises, has received some rather major price cuts and its rate has fallen from Rs 43,490 to Rs 17,990. And now if you have decided to lay your hands on the gadget, then surely you would want to know exactly what the device brings to the table.

So to assist you with the task of making your decision, we have penned down a detailed report of its features and specifications. Hopefully, it will help you decide whether you want this device or not. Take a look.

Features of the Z10:

The BlackBerry Z10 was the first device to have been launched with the BlackBerry 10 OS and a couple of software updates have been released for it as well. A number of enterprise features have been loaded into the device to keep users productive at all times. These include Remember, Balance, Calendar and much more. Security attributes have been built into it to help you keep your data safe.

Coming to the specifications, this smartphone is a full touch gadget and offers a viewing real estate of 4.2 inches of 1280 x 768p resolution. It has a 15:9 aspect ratio, while the pixel density is 356ppi. The gadget brings an 8MP camera with features like a BSI sensor, flash, time shift mode, 5x digital zoom and full HD recording amongst other things. A 2MP webcam has also been tossed into the mix for web conferencing purposes.

An updated onscreen keyboard with some advanced features has been deployed in the gadget as well. The blackberry Z10 has to make do with a dual core processor that ticks at 1.5GHz and it seeks assistance from 2GB of RAM. In case you find its 16GB onboard memory insufficient, you can insert a microSD card in the dedicated slot to bump it up by up to 32GB.

And what’s more, you can expect all the common connectivity options such as NFC, Bluetooth, 3G support, Wi-Fi, a USB port and more. A 1800mAh removable battery has been integrated to keep it going for 3G talk time of about 11 hours and standby time of close to 17 days.


The BlackBerry Z10 is a decent device and is definitely a steal, now that its price has been slashed to Rs 17,990, albeit for a limited time. But we are not suggesting you to go for it considering that it is a little outdated and you can easily get an advanced mid-range Android device for this price. Are you still willing to get this phone?

Key specs of the Z10:

– 4.2-inch touchscreen
– 1.5GHz dual core chip
– BlackBerry 10 OS
– 2GB RAM, 16GB onboard
– 32GB expandability
– 8MP and 2MP cameras
– 1800mAh battery
– Black or white options

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