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Smartphone addiction can cause digital amnesia: Report

Smartphone addiction can cause digital amnesia

Excess use of smartphones and internet can kill your memory, leading to so-called ‘digital amnesia,’ says a new survey. According to the survey conducted by global software security group Kaspersky Lab, most of us nowadays do not think about recalling

Experts warn self-driving cars vulnerable to cyber attacks

Experts warn self-driving cars vulnerable to cyber attacks

Hackers pose a real danger to self-driving vehicles, US experts are warning, and carmakers and insurers are starting to factor in the risk. Expected on the road by 2020 or even sooner, driverless cars should have a wide range of

NASA dedicates $50mln to study of life in universe

NASA has dedicated a fund of $50 million to the study of life in universe. University of Montana (UM) on Tuesday said it will share in a USD 50 million grant from NASA along with the Goddard Space Flight Center

ISRO postpones launch of Navigational Satellite IRNSS-1C by a week

SRO postpones launch of Navigational Satellite IRNSS-1C

  he Indian house analysis Organisation (ISRO) has set to defer the launch of India’s third direction satellite IRNSS-1C by per week. Associate in Nursing ISRO post on Facebook Associate in Nursingd reported by All Republic of India Radio same

Unique human faces evolved via social interactions

Why do humans have such an incredible form of faces? to appear distinctive and be simply identifiable and therefore the extremely visual social interactions throughout the history ar the driving force of this drift. “Clearly, we have a tendency to

water-based nuclear battery developed

nuclear battery

Researchers at the University of Missouri have created a durable and additional economical nuclear battery that would be used as a supply of reliable energy in vehicles and house flight. The battery uses a radioactive atom referred to as strontium-90

Virtual pets can help fight obesity in kids

Placing children into a mixed reality — part virtual environment and part real world — has great potential for increasing their physical activity and decreasing obesity risk, according to a new study. Sixty-one kids, 9-12 years old, set goals for

Poem that cleanses air of pollution created by UK researcher

The written work is on the divider for contamination! UK specialists have created the world’s first air-purging lyric printed on a material that can annihilate the air contamination brought about by 20 autos, consistently. The extraordinarily treated material, contrived by

charge mobile phones with your body heat

Researchers have formulated new engineering which produces power from body hotness, permitting you to charge electronic gadgets on the go. Educator Byung Jin Cho from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in South Korea is heading the

Smartphone to help you detect check cancer

It may sound odd however breathing test on cell phones that could check for indications of disease may be accessible in next two years. As indicated by researchers at Cambridge University’s twist-off organization Owlstone, they are only two years far