Cyber attackers can hijack anti-theft tools

A useful cyber-defensive utility can be turned into a powerful tool for cyber-attackers in the form of full access to millions of computers, according to research from Kaspersky Lab regarding an element of Absolute Software’s anti-theft software. The focus of the Kaspersky research was the Absolute Computrace agent that resides in the firmware of modern laptops and desktops. It’s a key part of the ability to trace endpoints in case of loss or theft by products like Absolute’s LoJack offering. 

cyber theft

A huge number of Pcs running hostile to burglary programming are allegedly helpless to seizing by digital agressors, as per an examination led by Kaspersky Lab’s exploration.

The group has distributed a report which has uncovered that taking after the powerless usage of against burglary programming advertised by Absolute Software, digital agressors were equipped for transforming an advantageous preventive utility into a capable instrument.

As per PC World, the real purpose behind this exploration task was the finding of the Computrace operator running on some private workstations of Kaspersky Lab’s specialists and corporate machines without former authorisation.

Kaspersky Lab’s foremost security specialist, Vitaly Kamluk, said that compelling performers with the capacity to tap strand optics can conceivably seize workstations running Absolute Computrace, including that the programming could be utilized to send spyware inserts.

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