Dell Venue 11 Pro

My early introduction of the Dell Venue 11 Pro is sure. It’s altogether different from the ipad Air yet that is


The Venue 11 has an exquisite 10.8-inch – an unexpected size – 1,920×1,080 Ips show, and the model I’m utilizing is fueled by a quad-center Intel Atom Z3770 “Bay Trail” processor with 2gb of memory.

Furthermore Dell packs Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 with the $500 tablet (64gb form).

I’ve been utilizing it for a week and the 64-cycle Bay Trail processor feels quick running the 32-bit form of Windows 8.1. (Note that 64-digit Windows 8 for Atom won’t land until the first quarter of 2014.)

I haven’t seen any slack in anything I’ve done. Anyway I may as well qualify that by saying its been restricted, in this way, to heaps of Web searching and film.

Speed (Bay Trail model): The Venue 11 posted Geekbench scores that were lower than the ipad Air on single-center execution however higher than the Air on multicore. (See the notes connected to the Youtube movie beneath to see the precise scores).

I won’t jump into profit – which might include more accepted Windows desktop execution measurements – with Microsoft Office until the Dell Tablet Keyboard arrives. I was hoping to post my initial introductions in the wake of utilizing the console, however shipment has been postponed (and I became weary of holding up).

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Cnet’s Dell Venue 11 Pro review

Tablet or smart phone? Which carries me to the un-ipad part of the Venue 11. It’s greater, thicker, and heavier than the ipad Air (which I likewise utilization). In any case that is not amazing, on the grounds that its truly been planned as a half breed tablet-portable computer, otherwise known as a 2-in-1, not a standalone tablet.

Truth be told, the model I’m utilizing is the main display with Intel’s Bay Trail processor. The other two models utilization Intel’s higher-execution “Haswell” Core i3 and Core i5 force productive Y arrangement


Those Haswell processors put it into smart phone execution region, so want execution that is superior to the scores posted by the Bay Trail model.

Surface Pro 2 or Venue 11 Pro? In this appreciation, the Venue 11 is much the same as the Surface Pro 2 – which likewise presses a Haswell processor into a tablet outline. Also that has all the earmarks of being Dell’s target market: agents who require a tablet that can likewise serve as a lightweight portable computer.

Note that its more slender and lighter than the 10.6-inch Surface Pro 2. The Venue 11 Bay Trail model is 0.4-inches thick and 1.68 pounds contrasted and the Surface Pro 2, which is 0.53 inches thick and 2 pounds. (The Venue 11 Haswell model is 0.48 inches thick and 1.75 pounds).

(See film of the thickness here.)

Furthermore the similitude doesn’t close with the processor. Dell offers two consoles for the Venue 11. One is the “Dell Tablet Keyboard – Mobile,” which coordinates an electric storage device, broadening electric storage device life. Alternate is the Surface-like “Dell Tablet Keyboard – Slim,” which is a spread and a console.

Electric cell life: Battery life has been exceptional. Utilizing it on and off throughout the day (how about we say approximately a few hours each day), the charge kept up for more than four days – and that is without physically closing it down, simply abandoning it “on” in standby mode.

Wrap-up: As an early introduction (this is not a full audit – Cnet will be posting one later), it has guarantee as a not too bad half and half and has the possibility to trade my 4-year-old Dell Adamo portable computer.

Also that is the explanation for why I’m going for the Venue 11. Microsoft and Intel are pushing detachables (in which the console could be withdrawn, yielding a standalone tablet) big time as a reply to tablets as the ipad Air.

The reasoning is, you won’t require both an ipad Air and a Macbook provided that you have one apparatus as the Venue 11 Pro.

However I’m set to need a considerable measure of persuading, in light of the fact that on most days, I do switch between ipads and a Macbook, along these lines far I haven’t discovered an improved elective. (The Adamo is utilized less regularly in light of its age).

I attempted the definitive Surface Pro for two months then sold it. It simply didn’t cut it as tablet; it was a good – however not an extraordinary – smart phone.

I will redesign this post one week from now when the Dell console is at long last anticipated that will arrive. Around then I will likewise put down my ipads and Macbook and check whether Dell’s (and Microsoft’s and Intel’s) 2-in-1 vision is reasonable.

The Dell Venue 11 Pro posted scores of 970 and 3,079 on the single-center and multi-center Geekbench 3 benchmarks, individually. The single center was extensively less than the ipad Air single-center (1,477) however superior to the Air’s multi-center (2,681).

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