Digital Classroom Online Now!

About the ebook:

The book will be the first in a series of low cost interactive e-books that teachers will be able to download in different formats and take round with them on iPads, e-readers or as PDF and ePub on their computer. These will be a books that will always be available for just-in-time learning support and for new teaching ideas.

The first book will deal with how to create and exploit web-based video both inside and outside the classroom.

  • It will look at a range of areas from creating interactive online activities based around digital video, to how to structure video clips into online courses using various blended learning models, techniques and activities for engaging students with video, ideas for promoting language practice, how to get students producing video-based projects and much much more.
  • There will be sections on how to find ready made video materials and how to exploit a range of web-based tools and mobile apps as well as example lesson plans, activities and teaching materials.
  • It will also contain embedded video tutorials for each of the tools which will help to develop teachers’ digital teaching skills and show them how to handle the technology.

As I said, if this book is successful, it will be the first in a series of digital teaching manuals for the digital classroom. Other titles I’m planning include:

  • Exploiting tablets and mobile phones in education
  • Developing writing skills in the digital classroom
  • Developing 21st century comprehension skills
  • Creating and exploiting digital narrative

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