Facebook adds ‘ask’ button to nag friends

Facebook adds ‘ask’ button to nag friends

Facebook is letting companions pry. New “require” secure popping in profiles from companions at the heading informal organization let individuals ask about overlooked data, for example, whether they are in sentimental connections or where they live.

Individuals can likewise instant companions to uncover where they work; what schools they went to, or where they were conceived.

Welcoming individuals to nose into whether companions are accessible for adoration or where they could be discovered provoked online remarks about the possibility to energize being a tease or actually stalking.

There was nothing obliging Facebook parts to answer sincerely, if whatsoever.

Expressions of the “ask” characteristic accompanied unverified reports that the Northern California-based online informal community is dealing with a destructing toward oneself message benefit that could challenge Snapchat — which allegedly dismisses a $3 billion offer from Facebook.

Facebook on Monday declined to remark on what it alluded to as “theory or talk

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