Google Glass can help track diseases

Google’s howdy tech wearable registering mechanism, Glass, could conceivably help recovery lives, researchers have uncovered.

google glass

Scientists at the University of California have been taking a shot at a Google Glass application that takes a picture of an indicative test strip and sends back the information to machines to quickly trigger back demonstrative report to the client.

The study, pubished in the diary ACS Nano, noted that the unit’s capability could likewise help scientists track the spread of infections far and wide.

Scientist Aydogan Ozcan said that it was extremely imperative to distinguish rising open health dangers early, before a scourge emerges and numerous lives are lost.

Ozcan clarified that their application for Google Glass and remote processing and information dissection force could convey an one-two punch, give quantified biomedical test outcomes to unique patients, in addition to examine each one of those information to focus if a flare-up is up and coming.

In the event that a client is in a remote zone without Wifi, then he or she could unite Glass to a cell phone to transmit the information in addition to geological data for malady following.

The group effectively utilized the technique with HIV and prostate-particular antigen (reputed to be “PSA”) tests in their pilot tests and the outcomes were accessible inside eight seconds for every individual test.

The exceedingly questionable unit is relied upon to hit stores not long from now.

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