Google Glass being tested as assistive aid for Parkinson’s patients

google glass

In the wake of revealing a sharp contact lens that screens glucose levels in tears in January, Google is presently dealing with an approach to help individuals with Parkinson’s illness through Google Glass – the organization’s eagerly awaited wearable gadget to be propelled later not long from now.

Specialists at Newcastle University in Britain are researching Google Glass as an assistive support to help individuals with Parkinson’s hold their freedom for more.

In the first such trial, Google has given five sets of its Glass eyewear to Newcastle University to permit specialists to test how the gadgets could be utilized to help individuals with interminable conditions.

“Google Glass opens up another space for investigating the configuration and advancement of wearable frameworks. The magnificence of this examination task is we are planning the applications and frameworks for Glass as a team with the clients so the ensuing requisitions ought to precisely help,” lead analyst John Vines illustrated.

The group has been working with an assembly of Parkinson’s volunteers matured between 46-70 years. They are chipping away at the new innovation to give cautious prompts joined to key practices normal of Parkinson’s, for example, reminding the single person to talk up or to swallow to avoid dribbling.

Glass can likewise be utilized as a particular update for things, for example, pharmaceutical and arrangements. The group is additionally investigating how the movement sensors in Glass might be utilized to help individuals with “solidifying” – a conduct brought about by engine blocking, and a regular indication of Parkinson’s.

Parkinson’s illness is a dynamic neurological condition influencing up to 10 million individuals around the world, with onset by and large in those in excess of 50.

The condition shows itself in engine manifestations including inflexibility, tremor and “bradykinesia” or gradualness of development. Aside from the physical signs, there are a horde of enthusiastic and social variables identifying with misfortune of autonomy, social certainty, humiliation and stigma.

“Wearable figuring is still truly novel yet as additional individuals become tied up with the innovation and begin to wear it out on the town for relaxation then frameworks, for example, Glass offer us a genuine chance for the long haul medicine of dynamic conditions like Parkinson’s and dementia,” Roisin Mcnaney, a discourse and dialect specialist, noted.

The analysts might display their beginning discoveries later not long from now at the ACM Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) 2014 meeting in Toronto, Canada.

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