Google Maps rolls out traffic alerts, alternate routes in the US

Google maps

Memorial Day, which is considered the unofficial beginning of summer in the US, is regarded as one of the most traffic-heavy days of the year as most people travel to visit their friends and family.

In an effort to make lives easier during such traffic mayhem, Google has pushed out a new update which will offer better travel alerts and route suggestions for commuters.

According to Google, Maps will now be updated with new traffic alerts to help avoid jams while traveling to their holiday weekend. When a user inputs their destination details, they will get an explanation of upcoming traffic conditions that helps them identify the quickest route.

The updated Google Maps will also give users a heads up if a congestion lies ahead and how long they will be stuck in the jam. Alternative routes will also be suggested. As a public service effort, Google is also compiling a list of popular Maps searches during last year’s Memorial Day. In addition, Google also took a look at the top five Google Maps destinations searched in five cities over Memorial Day weekend in 2014. The cities included were San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and New York City.

It is not clear if users all over will be able to benefit from the update or only for those users located in the US.