Google Now Launcher Arrives in Play Store with Limited Device Compatibility

Google Now Launcher Arrives

Google started the Nexus 5 toward the end of last year with a fascinating new home screen interface. Around then it said the redesigned launcher was just for the Nexus 5, yet it was not difficult to trigger the new launcher on different units by replicating the launcher application from the Nexus 5. Presently authoritatively named the Google Now Launcher, it has been discharged to the Play Store for a couple of additional gadgets.

The Google Now Launcher application is really simply a stub APK. It administers the framework to the Google Search application, which is really drawing the home screen. The code to do this recently exists on practically every Android telephone and tablet because of the application redesigns lately. This methods Google can enhance its home screen launcher through the Play Store autonomous of OS overhauls.

While introducing the launcher stub will add the Google Now Launcher to just about all telephones, Google has just made it authoritatively accessible for Nexus and Google Play Experience units at this time. Assuming that you introduce it, essentially set the Google Now Launcher as your default home screen. It underpins transparent framework bars on Android 4.4 apparatuses and makes another home screen board on the far left that turns into the new Google Now interface. The “alright Google” trigger expression can likewise be utilized to start voice look from the home screen.

Clients can additionally include the same amount home screen boards as they like simply by dropping a widget or symbol on another page on the far right. The Google Now Launcher immediately uproots unfilled boards. The new launcher might as well offer to import the layout from your past one when it begins up.

The Google Now Launcher is free, however there’s no statement when its set to come to additional apparatuses. Aside from the authoritatively underpinned apparatuses and sideloading choice, a few telephones running Kitkat-based Roms may as well appear as good.

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