Google Play Services 6.1 update brings better Google Fit support

Google Play Services 6.1


Google has begun rolling out a brand new version of its Play Services, version 6.1, transportation variety of recent options for users and developers.

Meant to bridge the gap between automaton versions, Play Services get updated behind the scenes on any device running version two.2 Froyo or higher, and permit Google’s 1st party apps, further as myriad third party ones, to higher link to the company’s varied services.

Play Services five.0 was issued in Gregorian calendar month, transportation support for wearables at the side of huge updates to Chromecast, Drive, Wallet, Games and additional. Now at 6.1, the updates area unit smaller however no lower.

Developers will currently check their apps against a additional sturdy version of Google match, set to roll out with automaton L later this year. Google Fit, like Apple’s Health portal, could be a place for apps to send fitness and health-related knowledge and store it, securely, during a single place.

Other enhancements involve a far better Google Drive API, and parts of fabric style have created their approach into the File Picker backend.

Along with a preview of a brand new Material Design-flavoured version of the Play Store, Google is obtaining its ducks during a row for the launch of automaton L within the coming back weeks. It’s can’t be long currently.

The refashion of Google Play Services can begin rolling go in the approaching days.

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