Google Trends redesigned

Google Trends redesigned

Google is known for adding timely tweaks to its products and this time its Trends. Google Trends has been redesigned and will now add real-time data.

The new design has taken cues from Google’s  that was announced a year ago. This isn’t surprising as Material Design has made its way into most of the company’s mobile and web products.

The new real-time ability means users will be able to explore minute-by-minute, real-time data behind the more than 100 billion searches taking place on Google every month. For instance, during events like the Oscars or the NBA Finals, users will be able to track the stories that most people are searching for and where in the world interest is peaking. The data can be explored by selecting an image in any time range.

On the new, users will also find a ranked, real-time list of trending stories that are gaining traction across Google. Moreover, you can now look at trends from YouTube and Google News too. The new homepage will be made available in 28 countries, and Google plans to add more locations to the list in the next few months.

“To help you understand the data behind the headlines, our News Lab team examines trending topics every day and finds interesting nuggets of data that bring news stories to life. You can follow us on Twitter to stay up to date. And for data journalists who want to do their own analysis, starting today we’ll publish data sets on specific topics to our Github page,” Google explained in a blogpost.


Source: Tech2