Google’s redesigned Play store starts rolling out for few Android users

Google’s Play store

Google’s Play Store has been redesigned by Google engineer Kirill Grouchnikov and is now available for a few Android devices. A report by Android Central points out that the new mobile shop for books, music and movies will now offer a simplified tab-based interface.

In addition, the report states that the categories as well as the sub-categories have now been more user-friendly. Google has also updated the Entertainment section which includes sub-sections for Movies & TV, Music, Books and Newsstand while the Apps & Games tab also has separate sections for top charts, games, categories, family and editors’ choice, respectively.

Apart from the design change, Google has also brought about apps compatible with Android Wear separately. An icon which looks like a watch will appear when a user will click ‘Read More’ which will offer a list of apps compatible with Android Wear.

In the past, Google had introduced some changes to its Google Play Store in India to make it more enticing for developers. Taking cue from Apple, Google will now offer developers the option to price their apps as low as Rs 10 in India. The move also applies to in-app purchases, another aspect that users are wary of doing. For developers, this move by Google will allow them to price their apps and games for as little as Rs 10.


source:By tech2news.