HP Slate 6 VoiceTab and Slate 7 VoiceTab

HP today published two new tablets in India with voice-calling capacities, a portion that is quickly developing in the nation. The HP Slate 6 and HP Slate 7-inch tablets both help 3g, have double SIM competence and run Android 4.2 manufacture of Jelly Bean. The 6-inch tablet is estimated at Rs 22,990, while the 7-inch tablet is evaluated at Rs 16,990. We went through a couple of minutes with every tablet at the launch occasion and here are our initial introductions.

HP slate 6


                                                                                   HP Slate 6

Plan and assemble

Both the tablets are rectangular fit as a fiddle with adjusted edges. They both have a carbon fibre back which is not difficult to hold and doesn’t feel plasticky or shabby. HP has likewise included double speakers on the front of both tablets. It might be reasonable to say that the HP Slate 6 Voice tab does help you to remember the HTC One Max on account of the front speakers and the substantial screen. The HP Slate 6 Voice tablet is basically a phablet and has almost the same extents as the Nokia Lumia 1520. The 6-phablet weighs around 160g, and doesn’t feel excessively overwhelming to hold, which is incredible provided for its size. The extent that the HP Slate 7 Voice Tab goes, the screen is obviously greater and it likewise has double speakers on the front in silver. The back characteristics the same carbon fibre material however is white. As far as plan, the tablet will once more help you to remember a bigger HTC One. It weighs around 325g and taking care of this tablet might be truly an assignment, particularly when you have an alternate telephone in your grasp. Indeed so its not especially overwhelming. The main question with a 7-inch tablet that likewise has voice calling is if its so huge it would be impossible utilization for calls? The reply, obviously, would change from individual to individual, despite the fact that generally I might not be so enthused about making calls with a seven-inch tablet stuck to my head basically since it is excessively bulky. Screen Both HP Slate 6 and 7 Voicetabs have HD IPS shows. The HP Slate 6 has a screen determination of 1280×720 pixels, while the HP Slate 7 Voice Tab has a determination of 12800×800 pixels. The point when contrasted with opponents the screen doesn’t generally emerge, particularly now that you have an ipad small with Retina Display and the 2013 Nexus 7, which begins at Rs 20,999 and has a higher 1080p screen determination. Assuming that your plan is anything north of Rs 20,000, you’re unrealistic to settle for anything not exactly a full HD screen. More essentially assuming that you are utilized to a full HD screen, the HP tablets doesn’t generally inspire much.

HP slate 7

         HP Slate 7 tablet 

Processors, storage and camera:

Both tablets use a Marvell PXA1088 1.2GHz Quad-core, come with 1 GB RAM and 16 GB storage. HP is also offering 25 GB cloud storage space free for lifetime from box.com, which is quite a fairly decent amount of cloud storage. In addition to this there is a microSD slot, which has a 32 GB limit. If you want storage the HP tablets have plenty to offer, at least for the price range that they are being sold at. For instance, the new Nexus 7 with 3G connectivity starts at Rs 27,999 and is only available in the 32 GB version in India.


The most disappointing feature about the tablets is perhaps the camera. Both have a 5-megapixel camera on the back and a 2-megapixel front camera. While the front camera sounds par for the course, the five-megapixel camera is a disappointment, especially on the Slate 6. Given that HP has priced this tablet higher than the 7-inch one, we expect to see a better camera than the 5-megapixel one. A 5-megapixel camera on a 6-inch device that’s priced over Rs 20,000 will not appeal to many buyers.


This is one area where both tablets do exceptionally well as they have have 3G with voice-calling capability, and are dual-SIM friendly. The HP Slate 7 is likely to give a tough competition to Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3 with 3G which is available in the market for nearly Rs 17,000 but with 8GB storage. Other connectivity options on both tablets include: Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi and microUSB 2.0 for charging and interfacing.


The HP Slate 6 tablet has a 3000 mAh Li-Polymer battery while the HP Slate 7 has a 4100 mAh Li-Polymer. According to HP, both tablets should last a day even on 3G, which on paper sounds great. Whether the two tablets do actually deliver on the battery front can only been seen once we’ve put them through the paces.


With HP’s new tablets it all boils down to pricing. The fact that the six-inch tablet is more expensive than the 7-inch is strange. The 7-inch tablet is priced at Rs 16,990, and it is a fairly strong price by HP. The company is using the tagline, “Smarter than a Phone” for these tablets, but you wouldn’t be wrong if you thought the six-incher was a smartphone in the first place, given some of the recent launches.  But a Rs 22,990 price tag might just be too high a price for some users who want say a better camera, a full HD display and a better processor.


As far as the 7-inch tablet goes, it seems like a fairly good deal, if you’re looking to a buy a new tablet from a reputable brand. The screen isn’t too bad, you’ve got 3G and dual-SIM support, and a good amount of internal storage all for under Rs 17,000. The only thing that might be deal breaker for some is the rather unknown Marvell processor, when you might have hoped for Qualcomm or even MediaTek. But that’s what has helped HP keep the pricing low and we will have to see how it actually performs before totally writing it off.

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