HTC’s next flagship will launch on March 25

HTC flagship smartphone

Invitations are, no doubt conveyed, and an organization agent affirmed the occasion to CNET. Likewise with a year ago occasion, it will be held in New York and London, with New York designated as the fundamental site.

There’s a considerable measure riding on the successor to the HTC One, codenamed M8, with the organization’s benefits and bargains keeping on falling. While the HTC One was decently respected and won basic acclaim for its all-metal configuration, it got dominated by the showcasing barrage of Samsung’s Galaxy S4.

HTC will endeavor to abstain from rehashing history. While HTC appeared the HTC One in front of Mobile World Congress a year ago, it is presently picking to disclose its successor leader telephone after the occasion, which will see the disclosing of Samsung’s Galaxy S5.

The unanticipated breaks of the following HTC One shows a telephone with just minor tweaks and refinement to the past configuration, and in addition progressions to the programming.

HTC will be at Mobile World Congress one week from now, and CNET will be close by to get a feeling of how the organization will handle its start uniquely in contrast to a year ago, and in addition dive all the more profoundly into its plans to venture into easier final items.

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