Intel’s Black Brook reference AIO desktop design

Intel just revealed the ”Black Brook,” a prototype AIO desktop PC that they claim will be the future of the PC market.

black brook

The Black Brook is essentially a familiar-looking all in one desktop PC that will sport displays as large as 27 inches, along with an internal battery and a kickstand to prop it up. Intel sees its  portable all-in-one as a PC you can move around the house, use to play games and share content with friends and family, and more.

Black Brook desktops will also be equipped with Intel RealSense 3D cameras and a quad microphone array that may allowing Black Brook users to control the desktop using voice and/or gesture-based controls. However, aside from RealSense, and 10-point touch, Intel didn’t offer many specifics in terms of what kind of hardware we can expect their Black Brook all in ones to include.

We can’t help but be reminded by similar all in one desktop PCs, like the Lenovo Flex 20, which attempted to perform many of the same roles that Intel has in mind for its newly announced AIO. However, Lenovo’s shot at this bull’s eye didn’t quite hit the mark, getting thrown off course by poor battery life and unspectacular performance.

In the interim, Intel says they’re still at least a year away from producing any kind of hardware based on the Black Brook’s design.

If you want to know more about the Black Brook, check out the video below.

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