iPhone 6 Concept Images and Video

Gradually however definitely the rumour plant is beginning to turn for Apple’s iphone 6 that is to be released September 2014. With the iphone 5s and 5c accessible for a month and a spot fans have recently begun to make, submit and theorize on conceivable plans for the following iphone. We realize that the iphone 6 will give as another outline as this has been the situation with each iphone discharged after the “S” model,. The potential outcomes are unfathomable, with the new ipad Mini and the come back to the adjusted edge outline of the iphone 5c the cases beneath reveal to some pretty amazing looking half and halves between the iphone, ipad and ipad

We’re not set to estimate on the inward updates for the iphone 6 equitable yet. Lets basically delight in the delightful outline thoughts underneath and anticipate the “Boooom” Moment when Apple advertises the iphone 6. Here’s the iphone 6 Concept Images and video




iPhone 6 concept video by Arthur Reis. the next few images show  much bigger possible screen size for the iPhone6. Personally we’re not fans of the bigger phablet size at all. If you need two hands to reach from the one corner of the screen to the opposite corner of the screen then it’s too big.


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