iPhone 6 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3

iPhone 6 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 3


Hello there, expensive reader. Welcome to the ultimate installment of this series of introspection articles that|during which|within which} I arrange to recognize which of my 2 favorite phablets is superior. In one hand, my honest Galaxy Note three. I selected this phone to check as a result of it’s my personal phone, that i have been mistreatment since the start of the year. It replaced the Note two I had antecedently.

In the different hand, the shiny new iPhone half-dozen and — that, I ought to add, remains dead flat despite frequent placement in pockets of various pants, each loose and fitted.

This isn’t the primary time I’ve pondered creating the jump from golem to iOS. I seriously thought-about change once the five rolled around, as a result of there was finally a decent-sized iPhone. I once more struggled with the choice with the iPhone 5S. the additional performance, and the fingerprint scanner, very caught my eye. But, the keyboard foiled, and that i still likable the scale of the Note higher.
Now, with a much bigger phone, with SwiftKey on-tap, with stellar battery life, and with a very nice camera, the charm is even stronger. So why, then, do I keep reaching for my Note once the iPhone half-dozen and is correct there?

I’ve actually been living with these 2 phones for the past time period currently, a form of happy home a phablet that is seen my pockets a trifle additional full than usual. I’ve put in all my favorite apps on the iPhone, spent method an excessive amount of time dragging bobbing icons around to rearrange everything just-so and wasted unnumerable hours prayer the architect and different formally authorised creatures in Star Trek Trexels. (What a terrible, dreadfully habit-forming game for a traveler like myself.)
Of all the apps offered on each golem and iOS, and there’s after all a large overlap at now, each single one I’ve tried appearance higher on Apple’s platform. If that weren’t unhealthy enough, several provide additional options, too. Launching associate degree app on the iPhone then doing a similar on the Note appears like returning to a land wherever aesthetics and style square measure afterthoughts. I perceive why the compromises are created — too several screen sizes, too several resolutions, too several devices to optimize for all — however it’s still unsatisfying to visualize.
Still, as painful because it is, once I got to get one thing done, I continually reach for the Note three. the most reason is that the typewriting expertise. SwiftKey on iOS could be a nice discovery, however it’s still miles higher on golem. Given the degree of email that I method on a given day, typewriting potency suggests that lots.

Email normally could be a massive deal on behalf of me. The iOS Gmail app appearance way prettier than the golem version, however it is a bit slower to use. Most annoying is that it does not transfer and cache messages. Gmail on golem is continually retrieving email, storing it for offline access. On iOS, Gmail can send a notification that you just have a replacement email, however if you are offline once you try and browse it, you are out of luck. once running between conferences in the big apple town and checking in whereas on the subway, that is a serious distinction in its usability.

And, of course, there is the stylus. As several of you commented once I initial professed my affectionateness for the issue, I in all probability am one in all the few those who lawfully use the Note 3’s S Pen often. even so, I do, significantly throughout interviews, that I additionally record on the Note. A reader, David, was kind enough to write down American state and tell American state regarding the iOS app Highlight, that allows you to faucet the screen whereas recording associate degree interview to mark any notable bits. That undoubtedly helps, however it’s not quite enough to utterly obviate the stylus on behalf of me.

All that same, there square measure many times once I reach for the iPhone instead. Whenever i am taking a photograph or video, obviously, the half-dozen and is that the natural alternative. Whenever i am nonchalantly mistreatment social media apps or sort, again, I like the iOS versions of these apps. (Lately i have been having a good little bit of fun with Tiiny, that still is not even offered on golem.)

So, it boils down roughly on these lines: Am I obtaining one thing serious done? Am I churning through some email, interviewing somebody, or operating in Google Drive? I reach for the Note. Am I taking an image, posting one thing asinine to a social network or another, or sorrowful my lack of pace on a Strava segment? I reach for the iPhone.Basically what i am expression is that i actually cannot compose my mind. If I had to settle on one it would be the Note, as a result of maximising productivity on a mobile device should be my high priority. However, if I had the suggests that, i might keep them each. Running off to a meeting? i might grab my Note. Heading out for an evening on the city with some friends? iPhone all the method. And, if I were running away for a business trip, i might keep the combine — the iPhone jam-packed with media, games and distractions, the Note jam-packed with email, reminders and different boring stuff.

That’s to not say the iPhone cannot be a significant productivity tool, or that the Note three does not do a fine job at whittling away idle moments. each square measure wonderful all-rounders. It’s simply that one every feels additional best for one suite of tasks than the opposite.

So, if you are making this tough call yourself, it’d facilitate to think about things this way: business, or pleasure?

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