iPod Classic Died


We could not get the elements anymore”

Apple CEO Tim Cook discovered weekday that the corporate quietly interrupted sales and production of its painting iPod Classic last month as a result of the corporate couldn’t get its hands on the elements for the device any further.

The iPod nonexistent from Apple’s on-line stores in Sept, many weeks keep of the device’s thirteenth birthday. Cook explained the choice fell to a shortage of elements that couldn’t be replicated while not a big expense to the corporate.

“It wasn’t a matter of Pine Tree State swinging the ax, language ‘what am i able to kill nowadays,’” Cook aforementioned throughout a weekday night interview at the WSJD conference in lake Beach, in line with Mashable. “The engineering work was huge, and therefore the range of individuals WHO wished it terribly tiny.”

Demand for the classic iPod persisted partially attributable to its ample storage capability — 160GB of disc space, that was well-liked among homeowners of huge music collections. Still, those customers shaped a dwindling minority as customers shift aloof from assembling music and toward streaming services.

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