KISSMS app can send virtual kisses, bouquets






Conventional love quotes and text messages are likely to give way to virtual kisses and bouquets this Valentine’s Day, which falls on Friday.

A Technopark-based incubated company has launched a mobile phone application called “KissMS” that will allow users to send “real” kisses and bouquets to their near and dear ones.


Volmacht Business Solutions (VBS), an IT and business solutions firm, has said that the new app offers a chance to move away from a text oriented messaging system to a more intimate one where kisses can be sent and received through a mobile phone.

“There are different types of kisses like Good Morning kiss, New Year kiss, Birthday kiss, Get Well soon kiss, miss you kiss and so on. One can reject kisses if they don’t like them and can accept the rejected kisses later,” VBS CEO Badusha Ghulam Khader said.

The app, available both on iOS and Android platforms, also ensures complete privacy with passcode protection, he said.


Face request feature ensures protection against vandals and perverts, he said.

“KissMS is an app that is going to change the way you look at a kiss. One can rate your kisses and an optional attachment of 10-sec audio recording facility has been included in the app to bring message with more force,” Maghesh Babu, Director, VBS, said.

The ‘distance counter’ in the app will show the strength of the sender’s affection to the reciever while the ‘duration counter’ will count the time the user has been in contact with the screen, he added.

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