Lava takes covers off five Android smartphones under Rs 6000


Lava has gone full swing and rolled out five new Android smartphones called the Lava Iris 400s, Iris 250, Iris 404 Flair, Iris 410 and Iris 400 Colors. All of them are priced within the Rs 4000 to Rs 6000 range and sport dual core processors inside.

Out of the five handsets, the Lava Iris 250 and Iris 400s run on Android Jelly Bean v4.2, while the others get their kicks from KitKat v4.4. While we’re on the subject of common features, all of the aforesaid devices have 4-inch displays spewing out visuals in 480 x 800p resolution.

These Lava Android smartphones are happy to work with just 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal memory. In case buyers fall short of hoarding space, there’s an embedded microSD card slot willing to accommodate storage expansion of up to 32GB.

All of them have dual core processors, though the Lava Iris 410 and Iris 404 Flair have slightly speedier ones clocked at 1.3GHz as opposed to the others’ 1GHz chips. These two also happen to be 3G-capable unlike the rest of the bunch with only 2G.

The Iris 400s and Iris 404 Flair both feature 5MP main cameras with VGA front-facing ones. The Iris 400 Colors makes do with 2MP and VGA snappers, while the Iris 250 carries a 3.2MP rear lens and VGA webcam. It’s 3MP and VGA cameras for the Iris 410.

Common specs of Lava’s latest Android phones:

– Dual core processors of unnamed origin
– Google Android OS onboard
– 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal space
– Memory expandability support via microSD card slot
– 4-inch screens with 480 x 800p resolution

Proper availability details of the Lava Iris 400s, Iris 250, Iris 404 Flair, Iris 410 and Iris 400 Colors will have to wait for now.

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