Logitech launches accessories for iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display

These accessories are offered in colourful outlook for the Indian consumers.

Logitech has presented three new extras for the Apple ipad Air and ipad Mini (Retina show) in India. The new Logitech embellishments incorporate ultrathin console spread, ultrathin console folio and folio defensive case for the ipad Air. Additionally, the ipad Mini with Retina show gets ultrathin console folio and folio defensive case. These adornments are offered in colourful viewpoint for the Indian customers.


Logitech ultrathin console blanket for Apple ipad Air mixes an aluminum screen blanket that can combine as a remote console. This console is connectable by means of Bluetooth and has committed ios easy route keys. Attractive cut at the side sticks it to the tablet and attractive depression at the back additionally helps holding the ipad Air upright. The console can keep going up to three months on a complete single charge through micro Usb port. Logitech ultrathin console take care of for ipad Air costs Rs 6,995.

Logitech uncovers adornments for ipad Air, ipad Mini Retina

Logitech ultrathin console folio for ipad Air and ipad Mini (Retina) has an incorporated Bluetooth console. The folio might be utilized to hold the ipad upright or even. The folio is secured to the ipad outline with a Securelock characteristic. Logitech offers the ultrathin console folio for ipad Air at Rs 6,495 and for ipad Mini (Retina) at Rs 5,795.Logitech-Covers-for-iPad_Family_thumb


The folio defensive case for the ipad Air and ipad Mini (Retina) costs Rs 2,495. This folio defensive case is ultrathin, light and additionally has a water repellent skin. Do note it is a repellent and not water-evidence. The two sided security is supported against spills, knocks or scratches. Indeed these cases utilize the Securelock framework sticking the cases to the tablets and additionally utilize them as alterable spreads.

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