Nike+ Sportswatch GPS Review

Nike+ Sportswatch GPS

The Nike+ Sportswatch GPS is a gadget charged as a particular running mentor that you can wear on your wrist. The GPS-empowered watch is intended to help runners track their preparation, running execution and wellness. It comes in dark, white, beat up and dark and-red (in addition to other shade mixtures), and expenses between $120 and $135, however can likewise be packaged with a Nike sensor for your shoe for between $140 and $150. Indeed with the included shoe case, the Nike+ Sportswatch GPS is one of the more competitive GPS watches available. In correlation, the Garmin Forerunner 220 watch retails for $249.99, and the Tomtom Multi-Sport GPS Watch costs $199.99.

I tried the Nike+ Sportswatch GPS for a few weeks to discover how well it stayed aware of my preparation.

I truly cherish the configuration of the Nike+ Sportswatch GPS, and I think it is a standout amongst the most sleek GPS watches presently available (which is stating a great deal, acknowledging most running devices are intended to be lively and reasonable, instead of stylish embellishments). The width of the watch face is more slender than most others — especially the watches with round countenances, for example, the Garmin Forerunner 220 — yet the watch itself is still really cumbersome. Truth be told, I discovered the watch would infrequently get stuck when I was putting on or bringing off a shirt with long sleeves.

Yet, notwithstanding the watch’s size, it was exceptionally agreeable to wear. I did need to utilize the strap’s last setting within request for it to feel cozy, so individuals with little wrists may discover the Sportswatch GPS too huge.

Despite the fact that the gadget is not intended to track swimming, it is waterproof, so in case you’re logging miles on stormy days, you don’t need to stress over harming the watch in the event that it gets wet.

he Sportswatch GPS is not difficult to utilize, and with just three catches on the left half of the watch face, I liked that Nike kept things basic with this gadget. When you’re not utilizing your watch to track a run, the watch shows the date, time (in enormous numbers) and the measure of battery charge left, so you can wear it as a commonplace watch.

The screen of the watch is clear, and I had some difficulty perusing my details, even with glare from the sun. When its dull out, tapping right on the watch face itself initiates the backdrop illumination. Throughout runs, you can additionally tap the watch face to make a part, or show another lap. I adored this characteristic, on the grounds that it minimized the amount of times I required to turn down toward my watch while running, so I infrequently needed to intrude on my preparation or even break my pace.

At times at the begin of runs, the watch had some difficulty discovering a satellite indicator, or was moderate to secure a satellite lock. I discovered this truly astonishing, on the grounds that the watch’s GPS is controlled by Tomtom, a standout amongst the most well-known brands in GPS engineering. Interestingly, the Tomtom Multi-Sport GPS Watch was brisk to find a satellite sign, so I’m unsure why there might be a contrast.

In the event that you buy the pack with Nike’s going hand in hand with shoe sensor, you can connect the shoe unit to your watch, and also the Nike+ Connect programming online and the Nike+ running application on your cell phone. This sensor demonstrations as a reinforcement in the event that you lose the GPS sign throughout a run (say, on the off chance that you gone through a tunnel, or end up in a range where the satellite indicator is powerless). Likewise, if the watch has some difficulty procuring a satellite indicator at the start of a run, as happened with me a couple times, you can additionally pick the “Quickstart” mode on the watch’s menu to sidestep the satellites and unite with the shoe sensor. This quickstart mode will additionally work for indoor runs.


The Nike+ Sportswatch GPS is one of the more moderate GPS watches available, and the watch has all that anyone could need characteristics to fulfill both fledgling and more accomplished runners. Despite the fact that I sporadically experienced issues obtaining a satellite indicator, the shoe sensor (included in the more unreasonable groups) guaranteed that the watch could keep gathering information regardless of the fact that the GPS fizzled.

One of the greatest draws of the Sportswatch GPS is having the capacity to take advantage of the vigorous Nike+ online group. Nike’s experience with running applications and online programming implied that I had not many issues transferring information from the watch. I additionally truly preferred the gadget’s implicit run updates. In case you’re the sort of individual who needs a push from time to time to work out, you may discover this watch to be a useful particular men

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