Nokia Asha 502 review

nokia asha 502

The  Nokia Asha arrangement pioneered what I jump at the chance to call the sharp characteristic telephone portion, where the units are kind of more intelligent and superior to characteristic telephones, not as spec overwhelming as cell phones. The Nokia Asha 501 took the idea to another level as it introduced a special stage for these gadgets. The Asha 502 is a regular movement, in keeping with the continually expanding prerequisites of the sections this telephone is implied for.

Quick Tech Specs: 3-inch TFT touch show (240 x 320p) | Nokia Asha programming stage 1.1 | 64mb RAM | microsd space | 5mp back Polaroid | 1010mah electric storage device

Design: The Asha 502 looks precisely like its antecedent. The minimal cleanser bar plan and size proceeds, however the 502 appears to have overlaid looks on account of a transparent layer of plastic. Beneath the presentation is only the back key and on the sides are the volume and force keys. It is a spot challenging to open the back board and it might have been an extraordinary thought to keep the second SIM hot-swappable without needing to pry open the back board. Also, yes, the splendid colour plans proceed in accordance with Nokia’s new outline rationality.

Screen: The screen is adequate for you play recreations, do essential searching and revel in the photographs clicked with this telephone. Yet this is not for those individuals who are utilized to HD screens. This is a useful touch screen and that is all it is intended to be.

Performance: The Asha 502 is intended to be a telephone for the masses and thus ought not be contrasted and cell phones. When you take a gander at this as an alternative for individuals who are moving on from a characteristic telephone, then the Asha 502 is a rock star. It gives you a chance to interface with the net, surf the web without bringing about tremendous information expenses, check mail, participate in IM talks and utilization Facebook and Twitter successfully. It doesn’t slack sometime or another of time as the OS has been custom assembled for mechanism with these specs.

MemoryIt won’t take you long to exhaust the 64GB internal memory, so be prudent while you download apps. But a 4GB SD card should be able to take care of all other storage needs.

SoftwareThe Asha platform does not seem to have changed since the Asha 501 was launched last year. There are quite a few pre-loaded apps and a games which have been optimised for this device. The store gives you more options for apps which are custom built for the platform. In comparison to Android, these apps are light weight and don’t drain the phone’s resources.

CameraThe camera is 5MP, but fixed focus. So you will need to move back and forth to get the right focus, or move your subject around. The results are pretty good, considering where it is coming from. The flash is of big help in low light. The camera is great for moms to snap pictures of their grandchildren, but is it good enough for college students? That is a million dollar question.

BatteryDon’t frown at the 101mAh battery. It will last longer, much longer, than any smartphone will. We got up to three days on a full charge and with moderate use.

Special MentionThe Xpress browser is a boon for the entry level user as it cuts your data usage by up to 90 per cent. This is nothing new, but among the few implementations at a mass level.

Verdict: At Rs 6,145, this phone will appeal to those who are looking for their first touch screen and first connected device. However, it will be hard to keep some of these buyers for dishing out a few more bucks to get hold of a Android device. The one things in Asha 502’s favour is the fact that it offers a better long term proposition compared to a low-end Android phone. But this is an window that is slowly, but surely, shutting.

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