Oppo N1 review


For a novice to break into the internal sanctum that makes the high-close cell phone fragment, is like a child attempting to change in accordance with another school, mid-term. There’s set to be ridiculing, he will get singled out by practically anybody and he can overlook sitting with the ‘cool children’s throughout lunch until he substantiates himself commendable. Oppo ends up in very much alike shoes. Conceived in 2008, Oppo has been moderately obscure to Indian groups of onlookers and much the same as Gionee, need to demonstrate their courage to addition acknowledgement. Much the same as Gionee, Oppo has their R&d group which outlines cell phones and they likewise create programming and production the telephones themselves, which implies their items aren’t rebadged Chinese clones.

Instead of making their presentation with a standard telephone, for instance most do, Oppo has started one of the leader telephones in India straight into the premium section. The N1 will retail for Rs 39,990 and that is a striking estimating for a relative fresh fish in the high-end portion. Does the N1 have a spot at the cool table? Wouldn’t it be great if we could figure out.

Plan and Build

The Oppo N1 comes wonderfully bundled in what resemble a restorative box. The plastic packaging holds the telephone, the charger, perusing material and the in-ear telephones. The charger is measured which implies you can utilize it as an information link also. In addition to this, Oppo additionally packages the O-Click remote. This minimal roundabout catch sets with your Oppo N1 by means of Bluetooth and could be utilized to trigger the Polaroid shade or discover your telephone.

The N1 is a quite arresting droid and if the pale-white isn’t a dead giveaway, its sheer size will. At almost 6-crawls (5.9 to be exact) crosswise over for simply the showcase, the N1 is humongous actually for individuals with substantial hands. It’s just accessible in white and this methods clean and grime are the telephones main foe. Leniently, the matt-completed handset was still the same shade considerably in the wake of utilizing it for a week.

The chrome stresses and tender loving care is perfect and we surrender two thumbs to Oppo for pulling this off. The telephone looks and feels unfathomably premium and assurance’s a “Hey, which telephone is that?” each one time you haul it out of your pocket. 213g is overwhelming however it doesn’t feel it because of great weight appropriation. The 9mm slimness additionally makes up for this. The catches and ports have been sensibly put all around and the telephone is truly ergonomic. Mind you, solitary operation is alongside unimaginable yet you don’t generally feel the weight and size with two hands.

The Oppo N1 comes with a long list of features which we feel are best demonstrated on video so hit play below for a walkthrough of all the features of the N1’s Color OS. Android 4.2.2 is unrecognisable due to the heavy skinning. This isn’t much of a problem though as the UI is well designed and is very user friendly.



The Full HD IPS display top out at 377ppi, which lends it super sharp text and images. The panel delivers punchy colours and very good viewing angles. Sun light legibility is also quite good although the screen does wash out under direct sunlight. There’s also Gorilla Glass 3 for added protection.

Color OS looks nothing like stock

The Oppo N1 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 SoC, similar to the HTC One. This quad-core chipset can run up to 1.7GHz and has 2GB of RAM to help it along the way. Needless to say, the Android system and apps run very smoothly without any issues. The phone also has a very capable GPU which bodes well for demanding games. We would have liked a top-of-the-line Snapdragon 800 SoC at this price but the 600 is a fairly good alternative.

It’s no Snapdragon 800, but it’s good enough to get the job done

The O-Click button is a cool accessory to have especially when you’re taking group pictures. This also comes in handy for candid shots as hitting the button is near imperceptible. The O-Touch panel has a whole bunch of gestures which you can customise. The best one is the ability to launch an app by double tapping it.

Oppo gives you the choice between the stock audio and video players or their own. The custom players are visually more appealing and animations are done very well. We wish the audio player had equalizer setting though or at least a system wide approach to tweaking the audio, like the Moto G. Nevertheless, audio quality is very good and better still; the bundled earphones are something you’ll actually want to use. They’re light weight, look good and are built well. The silicone tips offer excellent isolation from ambient noise and the drivers deliver balanced sound with good detail on the highs and mids and sufficient punch in the lower end.

Excellent media playback capabilities

The Oppo N1 is excellent for media playback thanks to its gorgeous screen real estate but you’ll soon find yourself running out of space. Out of the 16GB, only 9.8GB is actually usable due to the inflated OS, which takes up a fair bit of room. Worst part is, you can’t even expand the memory so you’ll have to pick and choose what you dump in there. The other alternative is to resort to streaming as much as possible so you don’t fill up the onboard storage.

The N1 is well catered for in terms of connectivity as we have quad-band 3G, Wi-Fi ‘n’, Wi-Fi Display and Direct, NFC, GLONASS, Bluetooth v4.0 and USB OTG. Oppo also packs in a bunch of productivity apps like File Manager, Kingsoft Office, Flashlight, Sound Recorder, App encryption and a backup feature. The N1 also features a Guest Mode, which restricts access to other users and Holiday Mode, which essentially filters all incoming calls so you aren’t disturbed.

Oppo has added some handy productivity apps in the N1

We found the earpiece volume to be a bit on the softer side during calls, as even at full volume, it was a bit tough to hear the person on the other end.

The Oppo N1 packs in a 6-element lens, 13MP shooter. The sensor has an aperture value of f/2.0 which means you can get some crazy macro shots. The UI is easy to operate eve for a novice and all the settings you’d expect are present. You can also choose between scene modes like HDR, Panorama, Beauty and Slow Shutter. Check out the camera samples below. The video mode also gets a slow-motion video mode, which is pretty cool.

battery Life
The 3610mAh battery in the N1 is easily one of the highlights of the phone. We still had some 50-odd percent remaining, even after finishing our 8-hour loop test. Under normal usage, you’ll easily be able to get through two days before having to charge.

Verdict and Price in India
The Oppo N1 will cost you Rs 39,990, which is a lot for a brand that’s yet to establish themselves amongst other seasoned players. Even with all the right ingredients like a healthy spec sheet, good performance and a dependable build quality, it’s going to be a tough sell when you have flagships from the likes of Samsung, Sony and LG which are retailing for lesser. The Oppo N1 is an ambitious droid that manages to get a couple of things bang on. The build is excellent, the rotating camera is a novel idea and very practical too, Color OS adds some nifty gestures and finally, the battery life is very good.

The N1 is not without its shortcomings however. The omission of a notification LED in the front is a big pain point and the 16GB is simply too little considering the actual usable space is a lot lesser. And then there’s the sheer size. The N1 isn’t the most pocketable phone around and is quite cumbersome to live with. Having said this, we would recommend the N1 to someone who’s looking for a quirky yet capable high-end droid and doesn’t want to run with the crowd. Just not at its current asking price.



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