PlayStation 4 game on an Xperia Z3 Tablet device


The new Z3 devices that got proclaimed on September three square measure shaping up to be one in all the most effective in their various categories, however the positive impression from Sony’s unveiling has been any coagulated due to the introduction of some new fancy options for same Z3 devices, one in all that is Remote Play for PlayStation.

So, what Remote Play will for PlayStation four and Xperia Z3 series device homeowners is that it permits them to stream games running on the console right to the screen of their mobile device. Sounds cool, right? this manner, you’ll be able to let alternative members of the family get pleasure from a show or another program on the TV, whereas you are still experiencing the goodness of your gambling console, courtesy of your phone or tablet’s screen. However, one factor to stay in mind is that Remote Play solely works once your console and Z3 device square measure connected to a similar Wi-Fi network.

Unfortunately, the feature are exclusive to the Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact, and Z3 pill Compact, however since these do not very subordinate the hardware of the Xperia Z2 (or even Z1), we tend to do hope that Sony can update its “older” phones with Remote Play at some purpose. Until then, why do not you hit the Play button below and see what the thrill is all about?

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