Qiku India CEO explains the reason behind Q-invites




Varun Sharma, CEO, Qiku India has announced that the first 1313 people to register on their forum will be among the first to get Q-Invites on 5 December.

The existing registered users on its forum, which is more than 3000, will get Q-invites automatically. In a blogpost the company has also taken to explain why the invites. “The purpose of our invites, are to bring you closer to us. Closer, so that we can hear you. We want you to become part of what we are, and together to aspire to new horizons and new possibilities,” Sharma writes.

He says that Q-Invites are an invitation to Qiku’s #GameChanger club and not just an invite to buy Q Terra. “We think of our users as game changers and our forum will build a community of game changers. Think of the Q-Invite as a privilege of being a part of this great club! Our way of saying Thank You and getting us closer,” he further adds.

Qiku is the latest Chinese smartphone to have entered the Indian market with its Q Terra smartphone to go on sale on 22 December. Qiku is a joint venture between Coolpad and Qiku 360 – which is a software company known for its security software in China. With a Q-Invite, the device will be available at Rs 19,999. Read our first impressions of the device, to know more.


Source : tech.firstpost.com