Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo leaks again


The Samsung gadget that passes by the model number SM-G750 has popped up again on an Indian import database site Zauba. We’ve seen the model number before and hypotheses propose it could turn out be the Galaxy S5 Neo. In its past hole it donned a screen determination of 720 x 1280 pixels and a 2.3 Ghz CPU.

Despite the fact that the new hole we accumulate some new data – the screen size is slated as a 5.1″ – the same as the Galaxy S5. The SM-G750 is recorded as SM-G750a, SM-G750f and SM-G750h – likely territorial choices for diverse markets.

Beforehand it was however the SM-G750 is the Galaxy S5 smaller than expected yet that passes by the name of SM-G800 and games a 4.5″ showcase.

Tragically that is all the information we get as of right now. Surely the Galaxy S5 Neo goes authority and we get some robust data soon.

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