Samsung’s new S Band fitness tracker could be launched with the Galaxy S5

The new S Band

Having generally proclaimed the Gear Fit, Samsung is relied upon to soon declare an alternate fitness tracker, which supposedly will be the successor to Samsung’s unique S Band.

While the first S Band never made it to market, its successor is liable to be discharged as a fitness extra for the Galaxy S5 and different mechanisms in the advancing months, reports Samsung-centered website Sammobile.

As stated by Sammobile, which claims to have accepted a couple of slides from the deals guide for the Galaxy S5 that shows the new S Band, its outline is like that of the Gear Fit. Dissimilar to the Gear Fit, the new S band won’t have a showcase; it rather will act just as a sensor.

The new S Band will send all data and following subtle elements, including steps taken and calories blazed, to the combined cell phone and the data will be unmistakable on the Activity Tracker application and the new S Health application that makes a big appearance on the Galaxy S5.

The new S Band

The S Band will likewise have a slumber following characteristic. It is still not known if it will just screen straightforward things like the term of slumber or will go past that.

The wristband obviously will be accessible in white, yellow, dark and orange. It’s still indistinct if the S Band might be good with just Samsung apparatuses like the Gear Fit, which is perfect with 17 Galaxy cell phones.

It is accepted to be a less expensive elective to the Gear Fit.

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